Friday, November 30, 2012

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Monday, November 26, 2012

ACN Updates - Mon Nov 26

Good Monday morning, Amador County, and happy "last week of November"!
Well, I've made the move to Sac, safe and sound, and sorting through the chaos of boxes and "stuff". Thank you all for bearing with me during this transition! I'm pretty much back in the saddle and rearin' to go, so be sure to send me your announcements at:, and I'll get 'em up for ya!

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Your support of Amador's community media means a LOT to this readership. It's not easy being a staff of one, and it takes a lot of time to update ACN's [relatively new] blog. Biggest thanks to our existing supporting advertisers, and I plan on working with so many more of you in 2013!

To our readers? What can I say...for the past five years, you've been consistent and encouraging. The words, "thank you" don't seem enough, for it is you that has kept ACN going strong.

Have a wonderful holiday season! I am up in "The County" often, so don't hesitate to email me or FB message me to get together for coffee or lunch!

All my best to you,

Carol Harper, Editor

Saturday, November 24, 2012

From the Editor: With Love to You, Amador County!

Shop Local, Amador County!

Well, the holidays are upon us. Funny how that happens so fast.

I want to thank the supporting advertisers that make Amador Community News what it is. Believe me, I'm not "rollin' in the [Christmas cookie] dough" myself, but...I have a heart for "The County", as I have for the past 12 years. ACN has been around since April of 2007. From the time I moved to Pioneer in August of 2000, moved to Nashville, TN in 2008 and returned in 2010...until this very day, relocating in nearby Sacramento...I've always believed in our small, Americana hometown livelihoods and businesses. Small business is what makes America great. When the global economy ever clues into this will be the day that I feel I've accomplished a bit of something for the sake of community media...for the strength of our community bonds is what makes us great.

I still feel I have much to do to help our communities understand that what they offer their hometowns is far more than what the world has to offer. In a world bent on consumerism and marketed fluff, well...I see you, as individuals and people...not numbers, nor statistics that have to report to a corporate media to make their quota or advertising "numbers" look good in order to appeal to the higher ups. As I open my PO box, and then look into the trash/recycling bins at the US Post Office in Ione, I am reminded of what is important to the populace of Amador County, and what is not. A ton of circulars, newspaper inserts and direct mail pieces are being thrown away. I was friended by about 40 Facebook friends this week. This is a bit of a direct and indirect message to me that there is a vast majority of those who don't care about the dollar signs...but do care greatly about value, about what is important to individual lives and families. Is this not who we are? Do we not rely upon each other when times are tough, when bottom lines are calculated, when we find out who our real clients and "friends" are?

This word ["value"] has many meanings to me...but what does it mean to you? What do you value? Do you value the latest XBox game, the last fashions, designs and useless "Black Friday" fodder? The latest "high-tech" toys to pacify your spoiled, wanting children as you try so hard to rest from the hard labor you relentlessly and actively work at, just to meagerly provide for your family and loved ones? I am grateful to Facebook for creating a platform for which a global community can connect and share. If you are on Facebook, please...friend ACN at:, and please feel free to share on our Wall. In the last week, I've confirmed about 40 new FB friends. I've come to realize that, as a staff of one, I simply cannot do it all. But with your help, we can help our future generations realize what is great and wonderful about Amador County, and that's all because we have many words of wisdom to speak to future generations, and hope that they value of the wisdom of past generations.

I remember my first Winter in Pioneer, back in the year 2000. The realtor said, "Oh yeah, you might get a light dusting of snow." Ummmm, my house was at a near 4,000 feet, and yeah, it was dumped on. Ya think? I was musing:"If this is a 'light dusting', I'd freakin' hate to see a full-on dump."  Fortunately, I'm a mom-warrior that has no qualms about anything...I'll chop/split wood, rake those freakin' pine needles, start up that generator, and raise two [US Marine] children that have the same fight in them. Through it all, what I've learned as a naive adult (who is always learning and growing) is that the world seems hell-bent on the fabrication of hope, when what we all need is real hope. Real honor and integrity.

Real hope completely relies on you, Amador County; and I am here for you...we are growing together. I am SOOooo glad for your friendship, both grateful and conflicted when I can't even go into a local store in Amador County and hear, "OMG, you're Carol Harper! I'm friends with you on Facebook!" All I can do is smile and say, "Thank you, so much, for your support. You are Amador County!"

I know where that support comes from: your heart...and that means everything to me. It sends chills up my very human spine. I may not know or remember your name, I may have a quizzical look on my face when you approach me, but...don't ever think I don't care about you! Just know that it will never be about me; it is you that carries the strength of Amador County. This little sliver on California's map has yet to be reckoned with, because it is you that gives it hope and strength. It is you that puts Amador County on the global map. I'm just waiting to see that day arrive, and give a hearty smile and laugh, because...I knew it all along.

Happy holidays, Amador County! I love you all...

Carol Harper, Editor
Amador Community News

Monday, November 12, 2012

THIS WEEK, in Amador Government

Jackson City Council - Tues Nov 13
  • Workshop: Sutter Creek Plaza Committee - Tues Nov 13
  • Sutter Creek Planning Commission - Tues Nov 13
  • Amador Transportation Commission - Wed Nov 14
  • AWA Engineering Committee - Wed Nov 14
  • Amador LAFCO - Thurs Nov 15
  • Thursday, November 8, 2012

    Amador Living & Recreation -

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    • 6th Annual Parade of Lights - Entry Deadline is Fri Nov 30
    • Historic Downtown Jackson welcomes the holiday season with Annual "Christmas Delights" Open House - Nov 23 & 24
    • Master Gardeners: Free Pruning Class - Sat Nov 17
    • TSPN INTERVIEW: Adam Dalton, Dennis Dalton - Parks Restoration Project
    • Mother Lode Harvest Newsletter, "Good Food News" - Volume 4 Number 45 November 7, 2012
    • Save the Date : AAUW Home Tour "Jackson Rediscovered" - April 20, 2013
    • University of CA to host Forest Landowner Workshops: Learn how to pass on your “Ties to the Land” to the next generation - In Jackson Nov 13

    Art, Music & Theater -

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    • Winefest 2012 -
    • Sutter Creek Theater Presents: Sharp Three - Fri Nov 9
    • Tickets On Sale Now for The Whispers at Jackson Rancheria
    • Amador Choraliers Presents: "Our Christmas Favorites" - Dec 6, 8 & 9
    • Free Holiday Concert: Amador County Concert Band - Sun Dec 2 at 3PM
    • Mother Lode Friends of Music: Music for Guitar and Strings. - Sun Nov 11
    • CalaverasArts: Holiday Boutique Gallery from Nov 10 through Jan 5
    • 7th Annual ArCreations! Christmas Art Show & Sale - Sat Dec 1

    Health & Wellness -

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    • Gold Hills Homeopathy - November 2012
    • Sutter Amador Hospital Needs Assessment - Wed Nov 14
    • Walk Class - New Session Schedule!
    • Health Tip: 8 Things You Don't Want in Your Food
    • ACPH Flu Clinic - Wed Nov 28

    Community Groups & Organizations

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    • Stan Kelley Memorial Crab Feed - Sat Feb 23
    • Master Gardeners: Free Pruning Class - Sat Nov 17
    • Help the little horse, Spark!
    • A-PAL Cat Sale - Sat Nov 17
    • Amador Flyfishers (AFF) Meeting - Tues Nov 20
    • Help Kenyan Children Survive and Thrive: Sixth Annual Sweet Potato Pie Fundraiser - Nov 15 & 16
    • 7th Annual ArCreations! Christmas Art Show & Sale - Sat Dec 1
    • SC Boy Scout Troop 63 70th Anniversar​y Celebratio​n December 2
    • FACL Presents: "Boots 'n Books" featuring Juni Fisher - Sun Jan 27, 2013

    Wednesday, November 7, 2012

    Note from the Editor: Thank you for your patience!

    Amador County, thank you for your patience and understanding. I was in a car accident last week, and sustained a bit of injury.

    All ACN departments should be updated as of today, Wednesday, November do click on the specific departments above to find out the lastest that's going on in Amador County! I also share posts daily on Facebook at, so if you're already on Facebook, stop in and check out what's going on in Amador County...and share away!
    Also...if you are not on the Amador community email group list, contact Loraine Davis at for updates and meeting agendas. Loraine and I have been working together for the past four years to keep y'all informed about what's going on in Amador County. Thank you, Loraine, for your time and support!

    Another bit of news...yes, the rumors are true. I will be moving to Sacramento within the month. Don't worry, I will still be in Amador County every week, and will continue to serve Amador County as your community media information/resource site!

    Thanks to ACN's supporting advertisers who have believed in me for the past five years. It's not easy being a staff of one, and your support is greatly appreciated. I ran ACN from Nashville for over two years, Sacramento is just a hop, skip and jump away!
    Please continue to e-mail your announcements, releases, briefs, etc. to me at

    Remember, event flyers are $5/month, unlimited flyer postings and ads are still only $50/year!

    Again, thank you for your generous support and belief in Amador's community media! I couldn't do this without you!

    Carol Harper, Editor
    Amador Community News